The whole package

Below you’ll find examples of how the combination of a traditional graphic sensibility meets with video and animation for an end-to-end suite of media suited to a variety of platforms and needs. The three projects included below emphasize the total process of conceptualizing around a theme, creating static, graphic artwork, and producing a package of videos for marketing purposes.

“Restorations” Spotlight Thumbnail

“Restorations” Spotlight Thumbnail

“Restorations” Spotlight 30-Second Sizzle Video

The “Restorations” Spotlight curated a dozen films from the Fandor catalog that had received major restoration and were available, often, for the first time in high-definition video. Playing on the idea of material decay and newfound visual splendor, the collection of static material collected here showcases how the Spotlight was promoted both in long and short-form video media.

“Restorations” Spotlight Instagram Story Sizzle

“Date Night” Spotlight Thumbnail

“Date Night” Spotlight Thumbnail

“Date Night” Spotlight 30-Second Sizzle Video

If the goal of any streaming site is to have viewers anchored to a couch watching movies and television, then packaging content around romance and dating seems ideal: who doesn’t want to cozy up next to a loved one? The “Date Night” Spotlight highlighted library titles that were either about burgeoning romance… or the inevitable difficulties of keeping love intact. Either way, the movies were handpicked to make hearts soar.

“Date Night” Spotlight Instagram Story Sizzle

“Mixtape” Spotlight Thumbnail

“Mixtape” Spotlight Thumbnail

“Mixtape” Spotlight 30-Second Sizzle Video

Above and to the left you can see the “Mixtape” Spotlight graphic. Emphasizing films that showcase and prominently feature music-making and music culture, it seemed most appropriate to frame the visual idea around a cassette tape – the kind you’d record several varieties of music genres on as a playlist for your friend. This curated list of films was such a playlist, and we carried the audio cassette tape (rather than VHS).



From title sequences to intricate animated stories, the following works are a showcase of After Effects-produced video created for the editorial team of the streaming site Fandor between 2016-2018

When David Lynch Met George Lucas

The Art of iPhone Cinema

If You Like: Call Me By Your Name

Color By Numbers: Boogie Nights

What’s The Film: 2017 Movie Anniversaries

Women In Film: Milena Canonero

Stephen King’s Three Levels of Horror


editorial video

Although originally an in-house content creator at Fandor, the shift to Editorial Director required a number of developments with the stylistic approaches of video content companywide – including introducing voiceover narration and developing strategies to create work that was both accessible and entertaining for a broad audience across social media and other platforms.

Barry Jenkins Before Moonlight

Location Scout: The Bradbury Building

Primer: La La Land

The Gush: Nicole Kidman

It’s A Roald Dahl World After All

The Influence of Maya Deren

Women In Film: Lucille Ball


branding & marketing

Animated Fandor Logo, 2018

Fandor B2B Promotional Sizzle

2018 Pride Month Promotional Video