One could say it all began while watching the opening title sequences of classic movies as a kid. You, too, will probably remember that feeling when viewing the first few minutes of Psycho or Halloween – the way movement and color and light and text can unexpectedly give goosebumps. That’s how and when I realized the vitality of design at the service of vivid storytelling, but also the inverse: how much a story is reliant on design – whether it was visual or aural, moving or static.

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and quickly realized my heart was deeply invested in films (and not just their title sequences). I received my B.A. in Film Studies and Philosophy at San Francisco State University. Inadvertently, I parlayed that reflective, prosaic approach into a more practical one by working with images instead. I now spend much of my time editing videos, working in graphic design, and consuming as much media as possible.

Feel free to reach out to hadalat@gmail.com with any inquiries.